Washington Beauties // Alicia & Cassidy


   A couple of weeks before I left Washington for home I met an awesome new friend named Alicia. She’s a rad chick who loves the outdoors and has a passion and a great talent for climbing and slack-lining (among other things). Needless to say I knew she would make a great subject for a photoshoot.  We were able to get together a few times, we did some bouldering at Mt. Erie, some slacklining around Anacortes, and a paddle trip out to Burrows Island at sunset. For the paddle trip we were joined by Alicia’s friend Cassidy. Cassidy, another climbing aficionado, is also a very gifted artist. Check out her amazing work at http://www.cassidydepew.com, I wish I was half as talented as she is! It was great getting to know these two ladies and I’m sure as you can see they made my job easy!

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