Test Shoot with Sydney


The past few months I’ve been really focusing on improving my photography skills,  I’m trying to get to the point where I can start shooting professionally.  The photography field is super competitive nowadays, unless you have a distinctive style it’s hard to stand out. This style isn’t developed overnight, it’s a journey, and I’m finding  mine very exciting.

Recently I’ve been really lucky to befriend a local professional photographer, Susan Deloach. She’s shooting my brother’s wedding in May and I was introduced because of our shared interest in photography. The past month we’ve gotten together a few times to do some fun shoots. She’s been really helpful in contributing to my lighting skills which were totally nonexistent a few months ago. For our most recent shoot together we photographed Susan’s beautiful goddaughter, Sydney Fosnight. We shot at a couple of different locations, on my Grandfather’s property in Levy, SC and an awesome graffiti covered ruin on the way to Savannah, GA.

This was my first time getting to shoot with studio strobes and now I think I’m in love. Time to save up for a set of my own. We had great light all day and a had ton of fun. I learned alot more about lighting and got some shots I’m really proud of.


Below is a slideshow gallery from the shoot.


4 thoughts on “Test Shoot with Sydney

  1. Jeanae Hope

    Looks great!!! Good Luck on you newest endeavor…keep us posted …

  2. Susan Watkins

    Blake, you are doing fabulous! You are a very talented young man. 🙂 I am so glad we got to work together for a season. 🙂 I wish you tremendous success on this new venture.

    • Thanks so much Susan, that means alot! I hope you’re doing well.

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