Mamoo & Papa’s Sycamore Tree



This coming Saturday will bring about the mournful loss of  a cherished member of the family, my grandparent’s backyard sycamore tree. After several generations of sheltering my loved ones from the sweltering lowcountry sun and with countless memories made under it’s expansive branches, it’s time for it to be laid to rest. Recently the tree has become ill and my grandparent’s are worried it may eventually come down on the house.

I’ll never forget playing kickball with my brother and cousins under it’s canopy, family picnics, and my first paying  job picking up fallen bark. It’s really hard to believe the impact this tree has had in our lives, it has been a constant in an ever-changing world. It will be missed.

Mamoo & Papa asked me to take a few photos of it before it has to go ~

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