Legacy Project // Franklin “Red” & Helen Malphrus // Ridgeland, South Carolina


My friend Chelsy Hodges Emerson, from way back in highschool times, messaged me about about photographing her grandparents for the Legacy Project, of course I was happy to oblige! Franklin “Red” and Helen Malphrus live in Ridgeland, South Carolina and have been happily married for 52 years. Red is 78 years old and had a career first in the military and then with a painting and wallpaper company. In his spare time he enjoys fishing, gardening, & hunting. Helen is 75 years old and was a homemaker raising their two children and then working for H&R Block. She enjoys cooking, reading, sewing, flowers, and teaching sunday school. They have four grandchildren and four great grands.

7 thoughts on “Legacy Project // Franklin “Red” & Helen Malphrus // Ridgeland, South Carolina

  1. Laura Wynn--- Chelsy's Mom

    Blake , you are simply amazing!!! Thank you so much.

  2. Laurie

    As always great job!

  3. Sarah Jane

    Love them!!!! The ones up close in gray and white are my favorite!

  4. Heidi McCarn-works with Chelsy Lynne

    This is gorgeous!!! Chelsy, thank you for sharing!!!!

  5. LOVE it!! The pictures tell such a great story!

  6. ruthrawls

    Thank you for recording these moments.

  7. love your work it moves me deeply.

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