Inside Out Expedition 2011


Over 40,000 miles of shoreline, thousands of islands, majestic mountain ranges, tidewater glaciers, incredible wildlife, and acres upon acres of pristine wilderness to explore.

A coastal route for oceangoing vessels along a network of island passages, the Inside Passage extends from northwestern Washington state, through western British Columbia, to southeastern Alaska. Containing North America’s only rain forest, the area is well known for it’s copious amounts of rainfall and sporadic weather.

In April & May of 2011 Jeff Porter, a friend and a fellow guide, and yours truly paddled our kayaks from Anacortes, Washington to Glacier Bay, Alaska. A trip that we dubbed as the Inside Out Expedition. We had paddled together several times before but this was our longest trip to date. Our longest previous trip was a two week excursion to breathtaking Princess Louisa Inlet and surfing at the infamous Skookumchuck tidal rapid. We fully expected the adventure to be challenging with formidable weather, hungry grizzly bears, and turbulent waters being just a few of the obstacles that we would encounter. We encountered all of those and more.

While I would love to regale you with all of the details of the trip for now  please enjoy my photos from the expedition. Perhaps one day when I find the time I will go back to my journal and post some of the best anecdotes.

Inside Out Expedition ~ Color

Inside Out Expedition ~ Black & White

One thought on “Inside Out Expedition 2011

  1. Chelsey

    Insane photos, sir! Hearing the background stories from Jeff adds to the drama of the experience, but as a photographer – imagining the work involved is numbing. These show such a great balance of the traditional wildlife portraits and the candid experience. Its good to be reminded that for every epic scene splashed across canvases or calendars – there underlies an entire story, connections, people and I’m sure some potential life and death question marks. Much enjoyed!!

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