Grandparents // My Family Legacy


I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have four amazing and loving grandparents in my life. It’s always a joy spending time with them and hearing all of their stories.  They are from a pivotal generation, to think that when they were kids the horse & buggy was still a viable source of transportation is incredible. They’ve certainly seen a lot in their lifetime.

Some of my most cherished memories are those I’ve shared with these four wonderful people. Going hunting with Nanny, working with him in his shop, and listening to his hunting stories (he never forgets a detail). Going to the river with Papa, catching crabs, fish, and enjoying countless lowcountry boils. Never leaving Memaw’s or Mamoo’s kitchen without a full belly and a happy smile listening to stories from their lives. Four O’ Clock coffee time with Mamoo & Papa.

For this blog post I wanted to share some photos from their youth and some that I took recently. I also wanted to depict them each doing one of their favorite activities.

My Grandparents: From left to right- Memaw, Nanny, Papa, Mamoo

Nanny (Richard ‘Bubba’ Crosby)

Memaw (Joyce Crosby)

Memaw & Nanny

Memaw & Nanny

Nanny & his garden


Memaw – 80 years old and still riding!


Papa (Carlyle Hubbard)

Mamoo (Josephine Hubbard)

Mamoo & Papa

Mamoo & Papa

Mamoo & Papa Coffee Time

Papa & his garden

Papa & his garden

Mamoo & her beautiful homemade shell mirrors.

25 thoughts on “Grandparents // My Family Legacy

  1. This is so nice Blake thank you so much for putting it together so well!

    • Lisa Barrenbrugge Rowland

      These touch my heart Blake:) Beautiful and Heartfelt…

    • Sarah C. Malphrus

      I know each of these wonderful people and loved seeing these pictures of them at different times in their lives, also seeing hobbies they continue to enjoy. Tks for sharing.

    • Thanks Aunt Cheryl! Happy to do it.

  2. Jeanae Renfandt Hope

    Just precious, Blake. I'm sure it will be cherished by future generations. Beautiful job as always!

  3. In a word AWSOME! What a great tribute. You are all lucky to have each other!

  4. Blake-This is absolutely amazing….has brought so many happy tears to my eyes….thanks for sharing<3.

    • Thank you, Blake … this is a special gift to all of us!

    • Thanks Aunt Cindy & Melissa! It was great putting it together.

  5. Andaria Crespi

    So touching, Blake. I love it! Makes me want to do something similar with my Papou.

    • Thanks Andaria!! You totally should.

      How's everything going? I just noticed you graduated. Congratulations!!!

  6. Janice Crosby Austin


  7. Blake, this is so beautiful….I'm so glad you shared them with the world…..amazing job!

  8. Blake, these pictures are awesome! What beautiful memories you have, no one can take those away from you.

  9. Rhonda Wright

    I am a cousin to Joyce. My mother is Joyces mommas sister. I was thrilled to be looking for some of mu cousins and come across these pictures of my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Bubba. What a smile you gave me today and for that i am thankful.

  10. Thanks Rhonda! Glad you enjoyed them, they always put a smile on my face too! I'm a lucky grandson!

  11. Amazing project Blake. Love it. I did not know you had a blog can’t wait to browse through the pages.

    • rbcrosby4

      Thanks Adriana!! Yep, I just need start posting more 🙂

  12. Susan Swander

    Lovely project! This is a gift to all of us. Are you still looking for grandparents to photograph? Recently came across some vintage GP photos from Belgian side of family, and others from West Virginia, USA. Susan Myers Swander

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