Gallowbird // Michael Olson – Musician // Anacortes Washington


This past fall I had the pleasure of taking some photos for my good friend Mike Olson, a super talented musician  and a fellow sea kayak guide in Anacortes, WA. Mike’s band name is Gallowbird and he’ll be releasing his debut album,  The Driftless Adrift,  on January 2nd. I lived with Mike and his girlfriend Heather this past september and it was a joy  to get to listen to him playing. I have personally witnessed  the passion and hard work Mike has put into this album and I couldn’t be more excited for him. I have a feeling he’s going to make it big, The Driftless Adrift will definitely be playing repeat on my speakers for awhile! Check him out at and like him on facebook at He just pre released one of the tracks from the album and it’s just awesome, give it a listen here –

3 thoughts on “Gallowbird // Michael Olson – Musician // Anacortes Washington

  1. Laurie

    WOW! Incredible pictures!

  2. Erin


  3. Shannon

    You must capture one of him singing at the top of his lungs!!! These are beautiful!

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